Primary Schools

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PPA Cover

With teachers requiring 2 hours planning, preparation and assessment time, The Little Sports Club offers the very best service when it comes to covering PPA time, the service we offer includes; lesson planning and assessments. We will deliver a service that meets all your needs! For more information on PPA Cover or to BOOK a FREE taster, please click here.

Breakfast Club

The perfect way to wake a child’s body and mind is with a 45/60 minute session before school. Physical activity in the morning improves a child’s concentration and focus for the day ahead. For more information on Breakfast Club or to BOOK a FREE taster, please click here.

Lunch Time Club

A supervised activity for children for 45/60 minutes during the lunch break. Activities include circus skills, football, tennis, basketball, dance, art attack and more. For more information on Lunch Club or to BOOK a FREE taster, please click here.

After School Club 

A safe and fun environment for 60 minutes after school where children have the opportunity to explore and develop their skills in a range of sports. Clubs we run include circus skills, tag-rugby, football, basketball, dance, art attack, drama, adventure club, athletics, archery and lots more! For more information on After School Club or to BOOK a FREE taster, please click here.

Competition Days 

We all know that children enjoy being appropriately challenged and at a young age most are keen to explore what they are capable of, and we are keen as a company to support schools, to make sure competitive school sport for primary school aged children becomes an integral part of school life. So, we have a range of Competition Days that can be tailored towards your schools needs, whether it is a KS1 or KS2 you are looking for. We will take away all the associated headache and hassle of arranging the day as we do all the leg work, which allows you to just enjoy the day. For more information on Competition Days or to BOOK a FREE taster, please click here.


The Little Sports Club offers teachers a convenient, ready-made fundraising solution for its school. We will deliver a fully planned and resourced structured event which engages children in a fun and exciting way, whilst also raising funds for your school. We will plan the event and put together a timetable. On the day, one of our team members will deliver the event alongside the schools teaching staff. For more information on Fundraising please click here.